Most of the people selling Vitz dont even know their exact model...i gatherd info regarding vitz frm jap cite ppl r selling 99 model and named it as tht recondition Model?...i m not clear abt this car price in japan is almost $4000-$6000 for (99-2003) and price here is almost doubled how much profit importers are getting here ...wat abt the resale experts says tht it'll loose market soon u'll able 2 get 2002 model within 5lac after a year..i belive tht these cars r much better than paki scrap like cultus and alto...i drove 1300cc vitz last week and found it much luxurios than any of 1000cc made here...but price is 2 much incase availability of parts is still how u guys c the future of these jap brands..thx