Assalam u alaicum everyOne

i've recently bought a new toyota vitz 2006 and want to install offset rims & tyres

can u ppl suggest me a best tyre brand and size for 15" rims i was a little bit confused in the market cuz every seller gave me a different pros and cons so i came back with stock

i wanted to ask would it be better to install 15" rims or 16" rims and what would be the best tyre brand n size respectively according to the road grip and smoother drive

and which one is best (rotational type tyres) or (in-out type tyres) im confused

first i was going to install (195/65 15)
but sellers said go with 195/50 15 or 195/55 15 but i think 50 n 55 would be in low profiles

aaaaah i cant decide pplz plz suggest me the best cux after investing around 45k or 50k unsatisfaction doesn't stand a chance else it would be a waste