AOA everyone,

i know it would be a re-post, but i tried searching the answers to my questions in Vitz fan club and other threads but couldn't get the answers to my questions. So guys please help me out.

i bought a 2007 vitz 1300cc and it has 15 inch alloys with 195/55. the problem is when ever i accelerate my car n it reaches above 80, i just feel vibrations and feel that car is going out of control.

when ever i take a turn n the car goes over a bump, it just gets out of control..... its like car get lifts from backside...n gets out of control..

the problem is with back shocks/springs i guess.. n i guess my front shocks are not working satisfactory..

should i change all four of them together. should i change my tyres aswell

how much it would cost me to change all the springs/shocks of my vitz

Help me out.