Dear Pakwheelers,

Need your guidance for following questions regarding new Tire & Rims for Vitz 08 - currently it has 14" tires & stock rims.

1- What size should I go with 14' or 15' ?
2 - I am going on 17 Day road trip from Karachi to Northern Areas with 3 more passengers- what sort of tire should i go with ?
3- Since Vitz has a very low ride height - does the size of tire help in with getting rid of low height ride issues or do i need to add those spacers to raise to height ?
4- What make of tires & rims should i go with?
5- do i really need the fancy alloy rims if m looking for durability and smooth drive?

and i would also like to know if a 1000 cc vitz with 4 passengers has the capability to make a 17 day road trip to different parts of northern Pakistan?

thanks in advance for your time!