Asslam o alaikom,

yesterday, i was getting my vitz filled at Total Petrol Pump (thokar niaz beg, lahore) around 1 at night. Most probably, the fuel filling man was sleepy. I asked him to stop when the nozzle would ticks, but he kept filling to the neck. When he closed the cap, suddenly petrol started leaking from the bottom near the wheel of the same side. i was shocked, i dragged my car a little forward to check for any leakage but there wasn't.. i waited for half an hour at the station to verify the fault but the petrol leakage was stopped.
i rechecked several times until i reached home, but the bottom was clear and dry..

I researched and discussed with mechanic, some of the cars do have fuel overflow pipe for safety and it ejects the extra fuel when required.
any comment..