Hello all,
i have recently purchased a vitz 05 (second gen). i haven’t got it yet as i have paid partial consideration for the verbal contract (biana in the local lingo) and it has been locked down at the dealer's showroom till I complete payment. i'll most probably be able to take delivery tomorrow as i am hoping for a transfer to my account by tomorrow morning. then i'll pay up the owner and bail my car out of its temporary imprisonment , what i wanted to know was that from where can i get cng installed in this thing? please suggest a good place in Lahore? also i wanted to inquire that is it possible to get similar cng cylinders installed as those that come company fitted in a santro? if so from where can i get them? will they cost me more? I am hoping I can get them as they will save boot space and allow me to hook up a sub woofer and speakers in the back. Your help would be highly appreciated.
Thank you (in advance).