So here it is guys!
Plan of Wagon R gtg and 14th August cruise is as following:
Wagon R members will meet at Liberty Roundabout #lahore around 2 P.M and we will start our cruise. We would cruise on main boluvard for around an hour and then we would join Pakwheels 14 August cruise. We would be in group and would enter liberty parking in group, would park all rides together and would cruise till Defencr hotspot together. This would be fun and I request you all to join. You can bring on your fellows too. Going with pakwheels event will be more fun because many others will join too and we will be having proper coverage of the event.
Time for gathering up at Liberty Roundabout is 2 P.M
Intrested people comment ur ‪#‎phone‬ ‪#‎no‬ we have ‪#‎WhatsApp‬ ‪#‎group‬ ‪#‎for‬#14 ‪#‎Aug‬ ‪#‎GtG‬ I will add u in a group
or join FB group and comment ur phn no gtg post