Dear friends;

I have WegonR JDM model 2014. I like this car because of very good features of it. Following are its features, kindly add if anything is missing. For me, to buy a new Japanese car, person should consider this features.

  1. Power Window
  2. Power side Mirrors with UP/DN & R/L adjustment
  3. Auto Lock
  4. Viper at Back screen
  5. Automatic
  6. Online digital mileage meter
  7. 02nos digital trip meters
  8. SRS Airbag
  9. Back side seats are fold-able
  10. Child lock at back doors
  11. Staring lock
  12. Mileage90km/h = 21-22km/l
    1. 110km/h = 15-17km/l
    2. 120km/h = 13km/l
    3. >120km/h = 11-13km/l

  13. Gear shift lever at dash board body. Thus free space available for 3rd person (in rare case)

SPecs and good things with WegonR JDM 2014 -1709589