Honda City Vario 2006, Engine Problem:

Dear All, I have a Honda City 2006 Vario, I am facing following problems for which I needs expert's opinions :

1. Car reduces engine oil on every 1000 kms.
2. Car emitting white smoke.
3. No Pick of the car.
4. Auto transmission issue: jerks on D and R mode.

I have read out forums on changing engine and transmission line with Kabuli, For Engine, I don?t like to change the engine number in documents. For transmission please tell what are the prons/cons to swap it with kabuli or the jerks issue may be eliminated by changing transmission oil.

Please advise followings:

Any market mechanic who is reliable for overhauling of Honda cars in Isloo / Rwp.
Cost for Engine Overhauling.
Cost for Swap of auto transmission with Kabuli. Where can I find that?and how to check its condition..