Auto Finesse Illusion Carnauba Wax - 150G

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Auto Finesse Illusion Carnauba Wax Details:

Detailing paintwork is the art of creating optical illusions, and in this art, Auto Finesse Illusion is a true master. Made from a highly innovative blending of natural and man-made ingredients, Illusion’s sole purpose is to push the concept of a ‘Show Car Wax’ as far as it will go. Red glows like a molten pool of lava, metallic flake sparkles like a diamond in the sun, white assumes a gloss that has never before been seen, and black becomes a portal to another universe. Is it magic, or just an Illusion?

All Auto Finesse waxes are carefully blended by hand in Great Britain from the finest quality natural ingredients available, and bring with them the same philosophy of performance and beauty as the rest of our detailing products.

The waxes we use to treat your vehicle with nature’s own defence against the elements, giving it water repellency, and resistance to environmental pollution (Including UV-fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.

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Auto Finesse Illusion Carnauba Wax - 150G

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