2021 GD 110S Suzuki جائزہ اور قیمت

سوزوکی GD 110S مجموعی جائزہ

The brand name Suzuki multiplies the expectation level when attached to a two-wheeler. The Suzuki GD 110s is an outcome of great efforts by Suzuki’s competent engineers. With growing inflation and considerable instability in fuel prices, Suzuki GD 110s comes with Euro II technology fulfilling your demands for the economic ride. Suzuki GD 110s is not just stylish and comfortable as well. And of course, durability always comes for the brand name Suzuki. Suzuki does not let you sacrifice style and impression for the sake of mileage. The headlight, tail light, sleek design and body shape gives you the best of attraction on the roads while making you a prominent rider among others.

Suzuki GD 110s Features

Suzuki GD 110s has many stunning and modern features. The bike has Euro II makes it fuel efficient. Suzuki GD 110s has modern, sporty design head cowl and digital speedometer. It has aluminium alloy wheels which give a sporty and durable look. Moreover, the Suzuki GD 110s has very good road grip. The bike has a comfortable stair type design seat that is designed for long rides. Suzuki GD 110s fenders. The state-of-the-art bike has the black-chrome plated muffler for better exhaust and low CO2 emission. Suzuki GD 110s comes in three : red, black and .  

Suzuki GD 110s Technical Specs

Suzuki GD 110s has 4 strokes, 110cc SOHC air cooled engine with electric and decompress kick. It has a backbone frame and provides a displacement of 110cc. Its fuel tank provides the capacity of 9L. Suzuki GD 110s provides a compression ratio of 9.5:1. The ground clearance of 140mm makes this bike suitable for bumpy roads of Pakistan. The dry weight of 108KG indicates towards the durability of the bike.  

Suzuki GD 110s Price in Pakistan

Suzuki GD 110s price in Pakistan is PKR 181,000. 

Resale Value

Suzuki GD 110s has an above average resale value in Pakistan.


خصوصیات سوزوکی GD 110S

انجن 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled ڈسپلیسمنٹ 113 سی سی
بور اور اسٹروک 51.0 x 55.2 ملی میٹر کمپریشن کا تناسب 9.5:1
کلچ Wet Type Multi-Plate گیئر منتخب کریں 4-زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار
اسٹارٹنگ Kick Start فریم Backbone Type
پیمائش (پیمائش (لمبائی x چوڑائی x اونچائی)) 1900 زمین سے فاصلہ 140 ملی میٹر
فیول کی گنجائش 9 لیٹر اگلا ٹائر 2.5 - 17
پچھلا ٹائر 2.75 - 17 مجموعی وزن 108 کلوگرام

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Fuel average

Anonymous Nov 04, 2020

Very smooth bike ... front Disk break is missing in it. .Road grip is excellent and selfstart is very good . My gd110s fuel average is 54 on long route that is impressive. And 45 on local ... Any ...

1 during raining days requested not to use since it blows dust with rain driver & followers since no dust cover installed, 2 very low clearance specially road humps hits engine, 3 not recommended r...

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