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پاکستان میں نئی موٹر سائیکلیں تلاش کریں

پاکستان میں دستیاب نئی موٹر سائیکلوں کی معلومات حاصل کریں

تمام نئی موٹر سائیکلیں دیکھیں

موٹر سائیکل پر تبصرے

Anonymous نے Jan 18, 2019 کو شایع کیا

Looks are really Nice comparing to Ybr and other bikes, even cbf150. just the back is not that appealing. Price is 115,000 Including registration and Paper work, Fuel average is between 30-35 on short rides and ~40 on long run. Grip is nice, and features are even more than cbf150 or ybr. Worth buying it. P.S : Comes with 10 year free tuning and labour.

Arslan Ahmad نے Jan 17, 2019 کو شایع کیا

Some sporty look for Pakistani riders as we had no options before. I bought this bike in January 2011 and drove it 52000 kms till today and found it a comfortable and road worthy bike but its fuel economy is almost poor as it gives 20-22kms in one liter petrol. Mostly I choose hi-octane for this bike as I am a bit high speed rider and I have completed 9 or may be 10 long r...