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جب آپ پاکستان میں امپورٹڈ کار خریدنے کے لیے مارکیٹ میں ہوتے ہیں تو مشکلات کا سامنا کرنا ایک عام سی بات ہے۔ بعض اوقات رنگ ناپسندیدہ ہوتا ہے، گریڈ کم ہوتا ہے، مائلیج زیادہ ہوتا ہے۔ آپ کو اپنی خریداری کے بارے میں یقین نہیں ہے۔ اگر آپ ان لوگوں میں سے ہیں ج

Buying a japanese car?

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Japan Car Import to Pakistan

It is a known fact that cars are getting more and more expensive by the day but they are pricier in Pakistan as compared to other countries like India, China, and Japan. The reason behind this is the fact that Pakistan lacks the necessary infrastructure to establish an auto-manufacturing industry and highly relies on imported vehicles.

There are local auto-manufacturing industries as well but they do not cater to the demands of the Pakistani consumers who prefer certain makes and models over others. Moreover, several modern features are in high demand in the market but are not available in locally produced automobiles. Due to these reasons, people usually prefer imported cars.

Japanese cars have been consumer favorites for a long time in Pakistan due to which car import from Japan to Pakistan is a common practice. Around 65,000 Japanese vehicles were brought into Pakistan last year among which Toyota Vitz is viewed as perhaps the most imported vehicle. Vehicles can be imported into Pakistan through simple applications and procedures. In any case, with the massive inflow of Japanese vehicles, certain individuals here are unsure of the dealers and favor bringing in these vehicles themselves. If you want to import a car of your choice from Japan, just tell us your needs and let our partners take care of the rest.

How to Import a Car in Pakistan?

If you are keen on buying imported vehicles, then is the ideal spot where you can track down top-notch Japanese cars and other different vehicles as per your choice and comfort. We offer an easy and convenient way of importing cars from Japan and other countries at affordable prices.

For the sake of transparency, we have explained different methods of importing cars here.

Personal Baggage:

This refers to importing a car as your item. It requires the following documents:

• Bill of Lading

• Origin card of Pakistan or attested passport photocopy

• Purchase receipt of car

• Declaration of Goods

Gift Scheme:

This scheme is useful if you want to gift someone else an imported vehicle. For this, you need the following documents:

• Bill of Lading

• Origin card of Pakistan or attested passport photocopy of the user car donor

• CNIC of the used car receiver

• Purchase receipt of Car

• Declaration of Goods

Transfer of Residence:

This scheme is used by those people who are moving from Japan to Pakistan and plan to bring their car along. The following documents are required by the customers if they want to import a car through this scheme:

• Origin card of Pakistan or attested passport photocopy

• Driving license

• Acknowledged copy of declaration which is being provided upon the applicant's arrival

• Purchase receipt of Car

• Bill of Lading

• Declaration of Goods

Car Import Process

Importing a car from Japan into Pakistan requires the following steps:

Stage 1: The initial step is to pick the vehicle from a web-based auction in Japan. There are numerous web-based auction houses in Japan, and you can easily track down them on the web. Join the site and track down the vehicle in the online stock.

Stage 2: Once you find the vehicle of your choice, you can see its features, including vehicle model, make year, motor number, undercarriage number, variety, maker, and so forth.

The auction sheet recorded beneath the vehicle features will provide you with a point-by-point report of the vehicle's current condition. Try to obtain the auction sheet before putting in a bid. It will inform you of everything concerning a vehicle's state of being.

Stage 3: When you choose to put in an offer on a vehicle, you will have to deposit $1000 forthright. This is a security deposit and is refundable if you lose the bid. You can see the breakdown of the cost of the vehicle, including the base value, duties, and cargo charges on the site.

Stage 4: On the auction date, you will be told by the auction-leading organization about your bid status. If you have won, you will be obliged to pay the excess sum. Now, you have the breakdown of the vehicle's complete cost, so you know what you are paying for.

Stage 5: Upon a successful transaction and payment of the vehicle, the organization will move the proprietorship to the bidder by sending the accompanying archives:

• Copies of the original Bill of Lading

• Original Export certificate in Japanese

• Translated Export certificate in English

• Original invoice of the car

Stage 6: Now you need to stand by till your vehicle shows up at Karachi port. Contingent to where you reside in Pakistan, it will require a longer time to arrive at the dry port closest to you.

Stage 7: Once the car arrives, the customs officer will handle the clearance processes which include port charges, passport fees clearing the vehicle, etc.

Tips For Importing A Car Safely

The process of importing a car is exciting and challenging. During the shipping process, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the country you are shipping to and from which the shipping process starts. Some of these valuable tips are as follows.

Vehicle Purchase And Pick-Up

It's essential to ensure that all documents are completed when buying an imported car. Buyers should research carefully the import regulations and safety standards of a concerned country. They should calculate all the costs (shipping fees, import duties, VAT, and registration fees). Moreover, they should obtain quotes from multiple shipping companies to find the best rates.

Buy Through A Private Seller Instead Of A Dealer

The dealers usually charge heavy markups and interest rates. They typically act as a third person who will charge a hefty amount from a buyer. Therefore, the buyers should buy either locally, in Japan, or from an online auction website. However, they can get an online auction sheet verification from a reputable website like PakWheels. Once the car has been imported, they can do so. They must ask the seller about the maintenance records, service history, and documentation. 

Hire A Trusted Inspector For Pre Purchase Inspection

The buyers should hire trusted car inspection services for a detailed pre-purchase inspection. The car engine and chassis number should be matched with those mentioned in the documentation. It helps to minimize the chances of fraud or illegal activity. They should not rely on the seller's premises, descriptions, and the information he discloses upfront. In addition, they should think of the inspection as the car insurance against paying any hefty amounts later on.

Vehicle Category Duties And Taxes In PKR
Up to 800cc 1,379,040 PKR
801 to 1000cc 1,723,800 PKR
1001 cc to 1300cc 3,792, 360 PKR
1301cc to 1500cc 5,340,907 PKR
1501cc to 1600cc 6,478,615 PKR
1601cc to 1800cc Exceeding Jeeps 8,072,162 PKR Only Fee

This process is lengthy and requires experts to avoid any case of fraud or scam. Due to this, we have partnered with top-of-the-field companies to help you get the car of your choice right to your doorstep. Whether you want to import a car from Japan or any other country, just give us the details and leave the rest to us!

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