پاکستان میں نئی ٹویوٹا یارس 2020 تصاویر , اور تجزیے

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Toyota Indus has launched the Toyota Yaris in Pakistan. Toyota Yaris was first introduced as a subcompact hatchback car in 1999. Later Toyota introduced Yaris as a sedan car (also known as Toyota Vios) in multiple countries. Now the new Toyota Yaris in Pakistan is now available for booking from March 2020. Toyota Yaris has replaced Corolla XLi and GLi 1.3L variants. Yaris is available in six variants; hence, you have plenty of choices to choose from. You can purchase Yaris in either 1300cc or 1500cc engine displacements. The prices of Toyota Yaris are Rs. 2,469,000 To 2,959,000


Toyota Yaris 2020 exterior features a unique and distinctive design language. The front end houses sleek narrow upswept headlights, a small grill with a chrome accent and a large trapezium air intake on the front bumper. The rear end houses sharp trapezium styled side swept headlights and a horizontal chrome trim piece running the length of the standard case tailgate. The overall exterior of the Yaris in Pakistan features a fairly unique design language that allows itself to differentiate itself from its rivals.

اندرونی حصہ

Yaris 2020 interior features black and polished silver trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include air conditioning, 6 airbags, cup holders, power lock doors, power steering, power windows, tachometer, and a stereo speaker audio system. Features on the higher end U variant includes power adjustable mirrors, front fog lights and heated front seats. Options include satellite navigation, climate control, leather upholstery, power door mirrors, cruise control, Xenon headlights and rear fog lamps. The overall interior of the Toyota Yaris (Toyota Vios 2020) features a good amount of interior space in both the front and rear for a sedan of its exterior dimensions. It also offers a good level of comfort, comfortable ride with its soft suspensions setup and a good level of interior refinement.


1.3 Liter DOHC

1.5 Liter DOHC


7-speed auto (CVT)

5-speed manual


The mileage of the Yaris depends on the engine capacity. The 1.3 Liter engine does 14-16 km/l, whereas the 1.5 Liter engine achieves 14-16 km/l.


The main competitors of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan are Honda City and Suzuki Ciaz

مثبت و منفی پہلو


Luxurious with high tech driving aids
Extremely spacious and Practical

پاکستان میں ٹویوٹا یارس کی قیمت

ٹویوٹا یارس GLI MT 1.3

1329سی سی, مینوئل, پیٹرول
2,469,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ٹویوٹا یارس ATIV MT 1.3

1329سی سی, مینوئل, پیٹرول
2,579,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ٹویوٹا یارس GLI CVT 1.3

1329سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول
2,649,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ٹویوٹا یارس ATIV CVT 1.3

1329سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول
2,729,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ٹویوٹا یارس ATIV X MT 1.5

1496سی سی, مینوئل, پیٹرول
2,789,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ٹویوٹا یارس ATIV X CVT 1.5

1496سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول
2,959,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

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Beautiful car. Much better than honda city. The build quality, comfort and style is all 10/10. Very smooth suspension and drive is very good. Best part is its fuel economy which minimum 17km per ...

Amazing quality of the Car!! the best car manufactured by toyota after corolla XLI & GLI! Highly recommended in budget of 2500K Thank you toyota for making this beauty, can't wait to get my ...

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