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Explore Quick And Reliable Online Driving License Verification Now!

DLMIS, known as (the driving license issuance management system) tracks the process of online driving license verification, issuance, renewal, and upgrades. It has facilitated the users to easily track the progress of their license application from the comfort of their homes. The Punjab Information Technology Board has developed the DLMIS system to assist vehicle owners. Furthermore, this user-friendly platform ensures the provision of up-to-date and accurate details. Discover the convenience of this platform today!

How Do You Apply For An Online Driving License?

The process to apply for an online driving license is easy. The applicants need to log into the DLMIS website. Afterward, download the driver's license form from the download section and fill it out. Furthermore, complete the process by submitting the documents to the nearest driving center. Documents may vary depending on the type of license you need. You must pass tests to acquire a learner's license, LTV, and HTV. You can also use DLMIS for an LTV license check online and to track the progress of your incomplete application. The documents for permanent and international licenses also have a distinction. Each province has its own DLMIS. It includes DLMIS Punjab, DLMIS Sindh, DLMIS Islamabad, DLMIS KPK, and DLMIS Balochistan.

Your Convenient Driving License Solution (DLIMS Tracking)

Experience the efficiency of DLIMS tracking for your driving license needs. Developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board, this user-friendly platform enables easy monitoring of license applications from home, providing accurate and up-to-date information. Applying for an online driving license is straightforward through the DLIMS website. With DLIMS, you can track the progress of your application, whether it's for a learner's license, LTV, HTV, or international license. DLIMS ensures accuracy, efficiency, safety, and legal compliance, offering real-time application tracking and quick access to information. Say goodbye to long queues and embrace the convenience of DLMIS for all your driving license needs and dlims tracking.

You can also download your e-driving license from the official DLIMS website.

What Are The Steps To Verify And Track Your License Status?

The online verification driving license Pakistan provides quick license verification and driver license tracking records. You get to verify and track your driving license from the DLMIS. You need to enter CNIC, license number, and captcha provided to you. It is to ensure the safety and security of your personal information. Afterward, you will get the following details:

User Information

  1. CNIC
  2. Name
  3. Father/Husband Name
  4. City

License Information

  1. License Number
  2. Issue Date
  3. Valid From
  4. Valid To
  5. Allowed Vehicles
  6. Status

How To Renew Your Driving License In Pakistan?

You must carefully enter the CNIC number without dashes for the driver's license track. Make sure to enter the correct information. However, it also helps you to check the license renewal updates. It also varies depending on the type of license. You should have these documents for license renewal. These are as follows:

Copy0 of CNIC 

2 Attested passport-size photographs 

Computerized license 

A certificate from your concerned post office. It will show the expiry date of your license.

How Do You Check Online Driving License Records By SMS in Pakistan?

You can check your driving license record by SMS in Pakistan by sending your details to 8583. You need to enter CDL and CNIC numbers without dashes. You will get essential information like the owner's name, father's name, license type, issuance date, and expiration date.

What Are The Advantages Of DLIMS Verification?

DLIMS stands for Driving License Information Management System. DLIMS verify and track the driver's license online within the city where you live. The benefits of DLIMS verification are as follows.?

  1. Accuracy 

The DLIMS provides accuracy and ensures that the driver's license information is accurate and matches the records in the database. It helps to prevent fraud or theft by alerting the authorities about issues.

  1. Improved Efficiency 

DLIMS provides quick and instant information about driver's licenses. It has also offered centralized systems for individuals to get license verification quickly. 

  1. Promotes Safety

DLIMS has ensured that only authorized and verified drivers can drive over the roads. It confirms the validity and authenticity of the drivers operating their vehicles safely.

  1. Compliance With Legal Rules

It promotes the sense among the drivers to comply with specific rules, policies, and regulations. DLIMS ensures the legal compliance of drivers. It helps them maintain an accurate record of legal verification for driving. 

  1. Quick And Convenient

Instead of waiting in long queues, users can now get DLIMS license verification quickly and easily. They need to enter the details on the official website of their province. This helps them save time and effort simultaneously. 

  1. Real-Time Application Tracking

The DLIMS website provides accurate time application tracking to keep users informed about the entire process. It increases revenue by ensuring transparency regarding the information provided.


What Are The Documents Needed For An Online Application Process?

You can apply for a learner's driving permit in Pakistan by having these documents.

  1. Picture

  2. A scanned copy of the front CNIC

  3. Scanned copy of back CNIC

  4. Medical certificate issued by the government doctor if age is 50 years.

However, the documents should be straight and in proper format (in PDF, JPEG).  

What Is The Fee Associated With Applying For An Online Learner Driving License?

The fee required to apply for a learner's driving license for a motorcycle and car is RS 500. 

How To Apply For License Renewal In Pakistan?

You need to go to the official DLIMS website and sign in. If you don't have an account, you need to register yourself. Afterward, fill in the required information, such as the citizen profile and fee details, and upload the documents. The documents you need for renewal are as follows.

  1. 2 Passport size pictures.

  2. CNIC copy

  3. Original driving license

  4. Medical certificate

  5. Relevant tickets

Licenses of all types are renewed every 5 years. The renewal fee for a bike in Punjab is RS 100, for an LTV, RS 150, and for an HTV, RS 200. 

Which Apps Are Used For Driving License Verification In Pakistan?

There are different apps for DLIMS online check license verification in cities of Pakistan. The residents of Punjab use the Rasta app for driving license verification, and the City app Islamabad  is used in Islamabad. The ios version for this app is here. The users can click here for the Android version of the Rasta app and here for the iOS version. However, traffic police Queeta is used in the region of Balochistan for DLIMS verification.

Faqs About Driving License:

How Can I Verify My Driving License In Pakistan?

After acquiring the driver's license, the vehicle's owner can visit the DLMIS website. You can find the option of "verify your driving license" there. On entering the CNIC number without dashes, you will get the information regarding your vehicle's driving license status.

How Can I Check My Driving License Status In Pakistan?

You can see the driving license status in Pakistan through DLMIS after entering the CNIC without dashes. It works like when you deliver your order and track the order timing. DLMIS will provide you the driver's license details, whether it is ready or not, but not give you the location.

What Is The Procedure For The Renewal Of A Driver's License?

The driver's license renewal procedure requires the following documents: a copy of CNIC, attested photographs, medical certificate, application form, original driver's license, and relevant tickets.

How Can I Track A Driving License In Pakistan? 

You can track your driving license in Pakistan by visiting the official website of DLMIS. After reaching the website, you must enter CNIC details and enter captcha. You need to press the button afterwards. This way, you can get a tracking record of your online driving license.

What Happens If You Fail A Driving Test In Pakistan?

If the applicant fails the driving test, they will reappear in the test after 14 days. The procedure comprises test I and test II. They will have to sign the undertaking that they will be liable in case of an accident. They have to use their vehicle for practical driving tests. However, the procedure for both tests is different.


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