پاکستان میں استعمال شدہ موٹر سائیکلیں تلاش کریں

پاکستان بھر میں 24000 سے زائد استعمال شدہ موٹر سائیکلیں تلاش کریں

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موٹر سائیکل پر تبصرے

Ghani GI70 self start is stylish and comfortable bike with awesome performance and good value of money with Avg fuel Economy , its better than other china made bike in market and have a heavy weight with solid alloy rim. But one thing which company need make sure the availability of parts either its directly from factory or dealer. Bcz original parts are not easily ava...

Its looks are Awesome and is pr baith kr ap ko yeh nhi lgta k bike ap k control se bahir ho rahi ha its much relaible then other bike I owned 2020 model in black colour it is very good bike my daily driven is above then 110 km it is very very relaible on highways i love it


Best Bike

Anonymous Jun 07, 2020

2009 model is the best bike in my life becouse bike speed and fuel avg top class but new model is not best for speed and fuel avg i have 18 model 70 but give me fuel avg 50 to 55 name is cd 70 but not avg 70 New model sells just Name of honda cd 70 parfomis and parts is so bad

No doubt it is a good time bike however it's some issues in 2019 model and above. I bought 2019 model and after 1500 km driven it's engine oil is dripping down. I changed its warsher but couldn't stop this. Still facing this issue. And after 4000km it's speedo meter cable wire had broken and changed with new. It's fuel gauge needs to improve needle shows tank full after hal...