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The 2nd Generation Toyota Passo was introduced in 2010. 2nd Generation Toyota Passo is a front engine front/four wheel drive subcompact hatchback.Toyota Passo is also known as the Daihatsu Siron, Daihatsu Boon and Perodua MyVi in other regions of the world. Toyota Passo 2nd Generation is available in 2 variant categories X and G. Toyota halted the 2nd generation of  Toyota Passo in 2016.  The price of 2nd Generation Toyota Passo is fairly competitive when compared to other models in the same class.


The exterior of 2nd Generation Passo features a familiar Toyota design language. The front end houses angular trapezium styled upswept headlights, a small rectangular grille, dual standard fog lights and a trapezium air intake. The rear end houses stacked vertical taillights and a standard case hatchback. All variants feature identical styling in every aspect. The overall exterior of the 2nd Generation Toyota Passo features a fairly unique and distinctive design language that allows it to differentiate itself from its rivals.

اندرونی حصہ

The interior of the 2nd Generation Toyota Passo compromises of light brown plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features on the X variant includes air conditioning, power windows, power steering, power lock doors, stereo speaker audio system and a tachometer. Features on the higher end G variant includes power adjustable mirrors and front fog lights. Options include satellite navigation, side airbags, and Xenon headlights. The overall interior of the 2nd Generation Toyota Passo features a good amount of interior for a hatchback of its exterior dimensions. It provides ample comfort and noise insulation as well.


1.0 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3
1.3 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4

CVT Automatic Transmission


The 2nd Generation Toyota Passo Toyota Passo can achieve an average of up to 17KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 765KM from the compact hatchback’s 45Liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the Toyota Passo 2nd Generation are the FAW V2, Toyota Vitz, Honda Fit, Suzuki Wagon R, Honda N One, Toyota Yaris, Daihatsu Charade and the Suzuki Swift.

مثبت و منفی پہلو

Decent interior space
FWD as standard while AWD can be an option

Stiff Ride
1.0L is underpowered

ٹویوٹا پاسو امپورٹڈ

ٹویوٹا پاسو G 1.3

1329سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول

ٹویوٹا پاسو Plus Hana C

996سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول

ٹویوٹا پاسو X

996سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول

ٹویوٹا پاسو X G Package

996سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول

ٹویوٹا پاسو X کوتسوروگی

996سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول

ٹویوٹا پاسو X L پپیکج

996سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول
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