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پاکستان میں نئی Toyota Passo 2018 تصاویر , اور تجزیے

( 3rd generation )

ٹویوٹا پاسو
استعمال شدہ ٹویوٹا پاسو برائے فروخت اس گاڑی کو درآمد کریں

ٹویوٹا پاسو درآمد شدہ

ٹویوٹا پاسو نیوز

ٹویوٹا پاسو پر گفتگو

ٹویوٹا پاسو تبصرے

Exterior of the car is ok. Interior is fairly simple yet contain all the features required. Interior space is very spacious. Sofa seats are a big plus. Even 3 persons can be accommodated in the 1s...

Exterior is this car is good but not much arrow dynamic. but its good to have factory fitted fog lamps in front bumper. one more thing which impresses me that this car gets parked easily anywhere. ...