Falcon X Multipurpose Cleaner With Brush And Microfiber Towel Bundle

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Falcon X Multipurpose Cleaner With Brush And Microfiber Towel Bundle Details:

Save your money and get the Multi-Purpose Cleaner that not only keeps your car clean but protects it from the accumulation of dust and oily handprints. The Foam Action formula brings out the interior's original color and vibrancy back that was faded due to sun exposure or overuse. It also prevents any future rusting and oxidizing of your car interior while protecting against harsh elements.
With just one multi-purpose car cleaner make your car look new, shiny, and clean in no time! It not only protects your car from damage but gives it its original shine and color back!
Multipurpose formula: the new FalconX cleaning formula helps you to not only just clean your car internally and externally as well. It cuts through the toughest grime and mud. All you need to do is spray on the clean and dry surface and let it cure for 60 min. what’s amazing about this formula is that you can use it for your household chores as well.
Refreshing smell: The formula is designed to give your car’s interior a lustrous shine while getting rid of unwanted odours with No damage to the surface of your car!. Take your pick we have, cleaning your car has never been so much easier and fun.
Suitable for all surfaces:
Synthetic leather
Functional for every interior surface type
The cleaning solution has Nanotechnology that cleans the surface
Suitable for mirrors, seats, leather or plastic dashboard, steering wheel, engine and so much more!
The cleaning action formula cuts against any grease or grime on the surface.
Including food residues, oily smudges, all kinds of liquid stains

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