Lukoil Brake Fluid Dot - 4 Car Brake Oil 1L

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Lukoil Brake Fluid Dot - 4 Car Brake Oil 1L Details:

DOT 4 is a high quality brake fluid that was developed for all standard brake systems and especially for ABS systems and has a high dry and wet boiling point, polyglycol/ ester-based brake fluid designed for hydraulic brake and clutch systems, which require DOT 4 fluids.

Key Features:

Low volatility & low pour point ensures performance in normal temperature ranges. Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Compatible with rubber seals. Good braking response. Reduces chance of vapour lock. Provides extended service life due to boric acid esters, which maintains high boiling point even after the absorption of some moisture. Good thermal stability.

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Lukoil Brake Fluid Dot - 4 Car Brake Oil 1L

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