Mobil1 ATF 3309 T-IV - 1 Litre

تصویریں بڑی کرنے کے لیے کلک کریں

فروخت کرنے والے کے تبصرے

Excellent lubricating characteristics for quiet operation and smooth shifting in approved transmissions
Controlled friction properties for smooth and efficient transmission of power across all normal temperature ranges
Helps to control transmission shudder and provide excellent vehicle driveability
Helps to extend transmission life based on excellent wear control
Long fluid life based on excellent oxidation resistance
Excellent viscosity stability (high viscosity index) to help assure adequate lubrication without excessive thinning in severe high-temperature service or thickening at low starting temperatures
Resistance to foaming
Superb protection against rusting and corrosion
Compatibility with synthetic rubber seal materials
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