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Portable Heavy Duty Double Cylinder Air Compressor - 628

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Double Cylinder Air Compressor Details:

Just 2-3 minutes to arrive the normal tire pressure by using this cylinder, anti-hot heat sink, more secure. Equipped with a protective bar to protect the motor body safety.

High quality yellow inflatable tube, the joint with high-quality metal, long service life. The motor body comes with high-precision tire pressure gauge, convenient at any time to grasp the tire pressure situation.

In order to extend the life of the Tire Inflator, please do not continue to work for more than 20 minutes, avoid damage to the fuse in the cigarette lighter due to excessive temperature. Our recommendation is to cool for 5-10 minutes after 20 minutes of work and continue working.

How To Use:

Start the car.

Connect the clamps to the car battery (Red+/Black-) 

Insert the inflation port into the tire valve core(Connect extension coil air hose if needed)

Turn the switch ON.

Product Video:

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High-Quality Instant Tire Inflation with gauge meter.

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