Super Portable Dent Puller / Glass Suction Plate - Yellow

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Super Portable Dent Puller - Yellow

Color: Yellow
Chassis Diameter: 11.5cm
High: 10.5cm
Material: ABS + rubber sole
Suction: 30-35kg
Single claw sucker sucker car repair floor tiles carrier strength
Durable, deformation, light weight
Linked with, paving stone, tiles, floor tiles, floor construction time
Glass installation or replacement, car repair shell surface to keep clean,
No oil, water mark, no uneven.
For the automotive, aerospace, construction and the like.
Place the mighty puller over the dent
Push the handle in the down position
Pull the handle back up
The suction is now activated and you can now pull the dent out.

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Super Portable Dent Puller - Yellow

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