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  • انداز 4-rating
  • کمفرٹ 3-rating
  • فیول کی بچت 4-rating
  • کارکردگی 5-rating
  • قیمت 5-rating

سوزوکی راوی گاڑیوں پر تبصرے تازہ ترین

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سوزوکی  راوی کا تبصرہ


2016 سوزوکی راوی

Pakwheels User نے Nov 17, 2016 کو شایع کیا

For me!
this famous roadrunner is more commonly known as Suzuki Pick Up. This automobile is, primarily, meant for the transportation of goods all over the country. Either you plan the delivery of commodities from one shop to the other or have to go for some other important transportation assignment the highly enhanced Suzuki Ravi 2016 model is best suited for such accomplishments with a lot of convenience and reliability.
We love them for there effort and hard work for our comfort thanks.
  • انداز 4-rating
  • کمفرٹ 4-rating
  • فیول کی بچت 5-rating
  • کارکردگی 5-rating
  • قیمت 4-rating
سوزوکی  راوی پک-اپ STD VX کا تبصرہ


سوزوکی راوی پک-اپ STD VX

Lucifer نے Sep 30, 2012 کو شایع کیا

The car is very good in local but pickup is very bad normally and with A/C road pr laet jaati hai aur A/C bund kro phir sai chalti hai
The price is very high and car is very bad but fuel economy is the only thing which is the best otherwise
no power and the main thing is breaks are as bad as they are not present the breaks are veryyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaaadddddddddddddd
  • انداز 3-rating
  • کمفرٹ 1-rating
  • فیول کی بچت 3-rating
  • کارکردگی 4-rating
  • قیمت 5-rating