ویسپا 150cc - 1963 (Vespa with Side Car)

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Vespa with sidecar. 1963 Model Rawalpindi Registered All stock engine only CDI unit installed for better performance. engine chrome, rims chrome. newly build engine. imported parts installed. Other Restoration Projects are "Rebuilding of Honda CBX 750" "Restoration of my Kawasaki GT 550", Vespa VBB 150 1963. Well this vespa was restored by my elder brother (Jamal Nick at Pakwheels "coolj") in its original condition and the side car was made here in Islamabad. Not bought but Build in fiber. The frame also build here in Islamabad. Its an Attraction to everyone.

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Kamal Hafeez
Kamal Hafeez

14 Feb, 2006 سے رکن ہیں