BULLSONE Balance Seat For Car Seats - Medium

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BULLSONE Balance Seat For Car seat Details:

Innovative seating cushion "Balance Seat"

- International patent pending
- Korean patent acquired
- U.S FDA registered
- CE certified as a medical device
- Reddot design award winner 2016

Balance seat is patented Multi-layer Honeycomb Technology™ with high elastic Vetagel. It optimally disperses body pressure on hips and thighs to not disturb blood circulation that makes you to seat longer and more comfortable.

The double structured Air-cell™ always gives you pleasant seat. Each air-cell absorbs and discharges air by your slight movements to raise air permeability with breathable air-mash fabric. 99.9% anti-bacterial Vetagel is washable to keep always clean and harmless to skin that also used for cosmetics as well.

Outstanding elasticity disperses shock and absorbs micro vibration during driving a car which reduces muscle fatigue on legs, back and neck.
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BULLSONE Balance Seat For Car Seats - Medium

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