C6 LED Light - 9006

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The All New C6 LED HEADLIGHT Kit Is an all in one bulb with a built-in fan and LED Drivers, and no external control ballast. The C6 LED is the Best Option for the consumer who does not want to install a Xenon HID kit. The C6 LED Kit produces 3600 Lumens Of brightness while only consuming 36 watts of power, as compared to your conventional halogen bulb which produces only 900-1000 lumens and consumes 55 watts of power.

الرٹ بنائیں

کراچی میں لائٹس اور برقی آلات LED کی دستیابی سے متعلق الرٹ بنائیں۔ ہم آپ کو بذریعہ ای-میل متعلقہ اشتہارات ارسال کردیں گے۔

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