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Car paint tester Auto Lak Bit3003

اڈیالہ روڈ, راولپنڈی پنجاب

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Car Paint Thickness Tester Device
(Original EU made metal body)

(Zn and Fe 2019 latest version)

Magnetic car paint coating thickness meter AUTO LAK TEST BIT3003, made in EU.

Why should you buy this tool and not some other device?

1. This is the first tool you need when looking around a used car. It will save you time and money as you could immediately check if the car was repainted.

2. It's simply mechanic, functioning purely based on magnet. Your eyes could be fooled with a new paint, but no one could fool a magnet!

3. It won't break and you'll never need to replace batteries.

4. It cost nothing comparing to electronic devices and its value for money is unbeatable!

5. Its size and weight like a pen, no bulky boxes, you could always carry it with you.

6. You'll love the idea and experience right from the first try! You'll ask yourself "why didn't I have it before when buying my previous cars?"

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