Steel Mate Car Portable Digital Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

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Steel Mate Portable Digital Air Compressor

Steel Mate Mini tire inflator, a must-have for the vehicle, Quickly, Precision, Heat Eliminable.

Safety & Reliable: The handing of the vehicle including braking distance is compromised with incorrect tire pressure. Low-pressure tires are dangerous and can make an accident happened.

Compact size, Easy Storage, Tidy away cables and stow in your trunk mat. Can use for multi-Purpose, 3 different nozzles perfect for cars, bike, ball, and other inflatables.

Novel Design Inflator: Auto-inflation display, Made with high-quality fiber glass, resistant to hight temp from 280-300 degrees. 60s stable inflating

Powerful & Stable: 0~2.5BAR Continuous inflation in one time still working great, continuous inflating 30 minutes, withstand temp 60°C

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Steel Mate Car Portable Digital Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

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