Steel Mate Portable Smart Handy Car Air Compressor - PO3

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Steel Mate Smart Handy Car Air Compressor Details:

All in one button design ensures you repair your tires only with one simple press. The portable tire inflator with a portable compact design makes it easy to lift, easy to carry around, keep this mini air compressor in your trunk, use it anytime you need.

The Compressor's power cord connects easily to your automobile's cigarette outlet.

The bright and long-lasting LED light can provide good illumination at night.

The STEELMATE PO3 Portable Air Compressor is a very handy device for all families to have in their household. This product is also very portable as it can be stored easily on shelves. This air compressor is very easy to use. Simply turn your vehicle on, plug in the air compressor, and inflate.

This air compressor can be used on various products ranging from sports products, cars, bicycles, balls, and other inflatable items like inflatable sofas and beds. 

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Steel Mate Smart Handy Car Air Compressor - PO3

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