The Bulls Car Cleaning All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

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The Bulls All-Purpose Cleaner Details:

Stains killer, premium series APC is the safest and fastest all-purpose cleaner, a new product for every car lover, it removes dirt from fabric, carpet, upholstery, vinyl, and leather also reconditions these materials so they can stay in their original finish.

The alkaline cleaner and wetting agents provide a superior foaming action that is strong enough to lift dirt and grip out of floor, carpet, and mats.

How to Use:

Unlock the spray nozzle from the edge by rotating it

Clean the dust from the surface

Apply directly on the surface

After 5-10sec use a soft brush on the surface

Wipe it off with a damp clean towel.

Product Video:

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The Bulls All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

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