Turtle Scratch Remover Pen T121

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Turtle Scratch Remover Pen T121

Turtle wax scratch remover pen gives you help to improvise your vehicle’s scratches. 
It is really ideal for the removal of scratches meet the need of your car’s paint to fill it. 
It has painted purifying compound which is useful in giving the best look to your automobile. 
It gives the perfect look when you have to clear the minor defects and scratches with it.


Wash and dry vehicle (use Turtle Wax® Zip Wax® Car Wash & Wax for a high quality wash). Shake pen to mix contents. Depress pen tip on a piece of paper to start the flow of clear coat resin.

Guide tip along scratch making sure a light flow of clear coat fills the scratch. Resin will dry to the touch in 10 minutes. Allow 24 hours for resin to cure before polishing or waxing.

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Turtle Scratch Remover Pen T121

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