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Suzuki GD 110 comes in a range of colors i.e. red, blue, black and grey. Suzuki GD 110 surrounds a nice round headlight and a smart black mat exhaust. The entire bike looks stunning and attracts the youth to its best. Suzuki GD 110 is a perfectly designed Suzuki product while high durability and a top speed of 105 Km/h. Suzuki GD 110 further encompasses a smart speedometer that contains digital gear numbers and other indicator symbols displayed in horizontal. Suzuki GD 110 has a 4-speed transmission with kick start system and a 17 inches tube tire for full road grip and stability. The outstanding design of mudguard, headlight, fuel tank, muffler and fender makes Suzuki GD 110 a desirable choice for all.

خصوصیات سوزوکی GD 110

انجن 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled ڈسپلیسمنٹ 113 سی سی
بور اور اسٹروک 51.0 x 55.2 ملی میٹر کمپریشن کا تناسب 9.5:1
کلچ Wet Type Multi-Plate گیئر منتخب کریں 4-زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار
اسٹارٹنگ Kick Start فریم Backbone Type
پیمائش (پیمائش (لمبائی x چوڑائی x اونچائی)) 1900 زمین سے فاصلہ 140 ملی میٹر
فیول کی گنجائش 9 لیٹر اگلا ٹائر 2.5 - 17
پچھلا ٹائر 2.75 - 17 مجموعی وزن 108 کلوگرام

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Indicators are very cheap quality any second bike indicators broken very soon other wise bike performance very good and lost of my friends are facing this problem Suzuki company should change indic...

my suzuki 110 making missing at above of 70 Km/h speed. plz give me solution. 70 speed sy kam per missing ni kati aur is ke fuel millage kya hai? agar lahore mn is ka koi acha mechanic hai tu pl...

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