2021 Raider 110 Suzuki جائزہ اور قیمت

سوزوکی رائیڈر 110 مجموعی جائزہ

Suzuki Bikes are well known for their powerful engines and durable bodies. Suzuki Raider is equipped with a high tech fuel efficient engine that encompasses the modern Japanese technology. The attractive speedometer, crystal headlight and a beautifully put up back lamp makes up a unique impression of Suzuki Raider 110. Suzuki Raider 110 is currently available in red and black colors. With the resistive suspension system in shocks, Suzuki Raider 110 encompasses a highly comfortable and smooth ride. A top speed of 105 Km/h adds thrill to your journey without letting you worry about increasing fuel expense. Suzuki Raider 110- Ride unique within a limited budget.

خصوصیات سوزوکی رائیڈر 110

انجن 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled ڈسپلیسمنٹ 109 سی سی
بور اور اسٹروک 53.5 x 48.8 ملی میٹر کمپریشن کا تناسب 9.6:1
کلچ Wet Type Multi-Plate گیئر منتخب کریں 4-زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار
اسٹارٹنگ Kick Start فریم Backbone Type
پیمائش (پیمائش (لمبائی x چوڑائی x اونچائی)) 1900 زمین سے فاصلہ 150 ملی میٹر
فیول کی گنجائش 10 لیٹر اگلا ٹائر 2.50 - 18
پچھلا ٹائر 2.75 - 18 مجموعی وزن 91 کلوگرام

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Need openion

Muhammad Anwar Apr 13, 2017

Mn ye bike buy krna chahta hoon 2017 model to plz koi frnd jo k raider ka user b ho mujey ye bataey ga k ye performance wise kesi ha kaya is k parts aur maintenance eazy available ha ????? suzuki...

This is a better looking bike than Honda and China bikes. Specially the speed o meter and the gear position meter are very nice. The seat is also stylish and 3 people can sit quite comfortably. The...

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سوزوکی رائیڈر 110


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