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Lexus is Toyota's premium segment brand to compete with the German luxury cars, Audi, BMW and Mercedes. However, Lexus is far ahead in the game than anyone else because it comprises of luxury and Toyota's reliability and durability. Also, the surveys have showed that the customer service level keeps Lexus as a household name in a lot of countries. Lexus cars in Pakistan are only imported, and Toyota does not maintain a portfolio of Lexus vehicles here because Lexus prices in Pakistan would be quite high even though Audi cars in Pakistan have started to be available through the official dealership. Though many Lexus cars are popular around the world, there is however only a handful imported to Pakistan. Lexus imported cars is the Lexus RX and Lexus CT200h. Lexus cars price in Pakistan are above 6.5 million Rupees for the RX450h and Lexus car price in Pakistan 2015 for the CT200h starts from 2.5 million rupees and goes up to 3.5 million rupees. There are plenty more Lexus car models that can do well in Pakistan. The Lexus LX570 even did well here. Lexus brand launched with the famous LS400. The LS400 was built under orders from Chief of Toyota who asked to build the world's best car, and thus, the world saw the emergence of Lexus brand. You can still find Lexus LS400 in Pakistan.

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لیکسس LX 570 2016 - مالک کی نظر سے

اشاعت کی تاریخ: 2 ستمبر 2019

  • لیکسس LX 570 2016 - مالک کی نظر سے

    لیکسس LX 570 2016 - مالک کی نظر سے

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The Lexus LS 400

Muhammed Mikael Hussein Chowdry Sep 12, 2019

The Lexus LS 400, the car that sent the Engineers at BMW and Mercedes back to their drawling boards , the car that sent shockwaves among the Luxury car industry, the car so good that achieved a Mil...


Lexus Rx450h

PWUser158285580793 Feb 28, 2020

So many features can’t write down all, but one of the top line 10 air bags hybrid 10 to 13 km fuel economy, auto levelling head lamps. Dual climate control, cruise control with radar. Anti collusio...

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