تلاش کریں یہ اشتہار اب دستیاب نہیں ہے۔ مزید اشتہارات دیکھنے کے لیے BMW / بی ایم ڈبلیو 3 سیریز in کراچی

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BMW / بی ایم ڈبلیو 3 سیریز 316i 1996

ڈی ایچ اے ڈیفینس, کراچی سندھ فون کے ذریعے شامل کیا

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فروخت کرنے والے کے تبصرے

Hello, I am selling my one of a kind BMW 3 Series, it is a clean car swapped with a 3sgte Toyota / Yamaha built reliable engine, the car also has a J160 transmission ( 6 speed forward ) and a dragster exhaust ( Supra ) which is straight-piped. The cars suspension is on coil overs front M performance and rear teins coils, the car has 18 inch staggered rims with low profile wide tires for grip considering the car does make a lot of power there are also a few accessories on the car such as the M performance badging and kit as well as Greddy gauges to display all the information, please respond only if you know what you are looking at and I’m selling this with a rather heavy heart, the car is always used inside DHA phase 6 to 8 and my mechanic is also in DHA who maintains this as well as my other cars. There is a small room for negotiation only once you have seen the car, I’ve recently done a lot of work to get it to where it is so please keep that in mind.
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کراچی میں BMW / بی ایم ڈبلیو 3 سیریز کی دستیابی سے متعلق الرٹ بنائیں۔ ہم آپ کو بذریعہ ای-میل متعلقہ اشتہارات ارسال کردیں گے۔