شیورلیٹ اسپارک LS 2013

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I am selling my lovely Car Spark 1000 cc Hatch Back. import from UK. Its totally neat and clean car. No Accident. No Body or Engine Repair works. No dents. Original condition. Selling due to large family size. Ideal for 5 persons family with adequate Trunk space. Always prefer Hi-Octane Fuel and Best Engine Oil for Powerful Performance. Uk Model 2013 Import in 2016. Single owner used in Pakistan.
Specifications below.
1000cc Manual Transmission Petrol
Front Doors Power Windows
Power Steering
Fully Secured with 8 Air bags
Anti Theft and mobiliser
Fog lights installed
Camera Installed
Tyres upgraded for Best Road Grip
New Battery Installed Hankook imported for Big Cars 55 Amp

Feel free to contact and have a look on the car. You cannot compete this car with all local manufacturers. Parts easily available in Market. Just Buy and Drive.
No silly offers please. No Time wasters. Serious and Mature Buyers only Everything is in genuine condition. As good as a brand new car. Complete original file is availble. Original Book is available. All token taxes are paid for life. Totally driven on petrol. Engine in perfect condition.
Kindly contact my father Iqbal Ghouri on 03214303791 call only as i am out of country now.
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