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  • پاور لاکس
  • پاور ونڈوز
  • کلائمیٹ کنٹرول

فروخت کرنے والے کے تبصرے

Nissan Days Roox Highway, Model 2015, Registration Sep. 2019.
2nd owner at the book. All documents and CPLC clear, tax paid upto June 2020. Low mileage only 59200km. Red wine metallic colour. Top of the line model, full options. Push start, touch panel, climate control chilled AC, multimedia steering, traction control, four sides cameras, New DVD player with navigation. Central locking. Adjustable heated seats. Original HID and fog lights. Retractable power side mirrors with lights. Key less entry, automatic rear sliding doors, extra roof fan for rear passengers seats, net curtains in both sliding doors, original water dropping own turbo power full engine, very good pick up, suspension/breaks 100%. Original Japanese alloy rims, low profile Bridgestone tyres in very good condition, New dry battery, full original scratch less genuine exterior and interior. No accident ever. Only one piece touch up. Very good fuel average. Big space as compare to other 660CCs cars. Very neat and clean maintained car in show room condition just like brand new.
Demand 1625, location Gulshan-e-Maymar
Please contact only serious buyers.
Abdul Qadir
Everything is in genuine condition. Just like a Zero Meter car. Authorized dealership maintained. Alloy Rims. New tires installed recently. Petrol driven, CNG never installed. Engine in pristine condition. Non accidental. Original Book is available. All original documents are complete. Looking to sell the car urgently.
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