سوزوکی جمنی 1985

ویسٹرج, راولپنڈی پنجاب

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146,000 کلومیٹر



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1985 Suzuki Jeep White color with Intercooler Turbo 660cc petrol engine.
5 forward transmission with Perfectly functional 4x4 high and low. Excellent capability on and off road. Custom made front bumper with Front Guard, functional WARN Electric winch. Original Aluminum Roll bar cage, Side guards and Fuel Tank Protective shield. Trouble free engine with reasonable amount of fuel economy. Dash board is equipped with Oil Pressure, Oil Temp and Turbo Boost Gauges, Good tires with 15” alloy wheels with spacers on all four wheels. Excellent genuine condition. KPK Peshawar Registered, Original book with tokens paid up to 30 June 2021. Not to be missed by Suzuki Jeep fans. Demanding reasonable amount However, it’s slightly negotiable. Only enquire if you are serious. No time wasters please
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