ٹویوٹا لینڈ کروزر J40 1984

F-11, اسلام آباد اسلام آباد

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Toyota Land Cruiser
FJ-40 (converted into BJ-40)

Model: 1984
Army Auction: 2018
Restored: 2019

Engine: 3000cc - 1KZ-T
Automatic Transmission
4WD Active and fully functional

All genuine accessories including
- Front Turn signals and headlights
- Rear tail lights
- Speedometer
- Genuine RPM Meter
- All genuine Switch Panel buttons
- Active 4WD Switch

Equipped with Rancho OFF-Road Shock Absorber
6 inch Shackles
17 inch extreme off road tyres
After market snorkel
Powerful electric winch
Genuine leaf spring and bushes
Powerful sound system
Excellent Air conditioning system with defogger

Custom made for personal use but sadly financial difficulties require sale. Willing to consider a smaller car in exchange. After Market Alloy rims. Price is flexible but only to reasonable extent. Registered in Islamabad and all original documents and files available.
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