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Pak Hero originally began as a rickshaw manufacturer in 1996. The company was set up in Lahore and in 2002, they expanded their product range to producing 70cc motorcycles called PH70. A Scooter like Vespa was also added into Pak Hero's range of products.

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price and dealer

Muhammad asif Aug 02, 2016

sir i want to know about original price of ph 70 pak hero and want know about dealer in Islamabad rawalpindi. because i want buy this bike. thanks.reply me as soon as possible becasue i am waiting...

''Look have same as other 70cc bikes have.Performance is good and fuel efficient bike.Ride quality is not excellent but good.Price is affordable and perfect bike for everyone.Lightweight and comfo...

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ZXMCO ZX 70 سٹی رائیڈر


پاک ہیرو PH 70


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