Hyundai Grand Starex 2021 Price in Pakistan, Pictures & Overview

( 2nd Generation )

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Hyundai Grand Starex, a 4-door van, manufactured by the Korean auto manufacturing behemoth, Hyundai, is all geared to hit the local auto market. The light-commercial vehicle is in production since 1997.
Currently, the company is selling the second generation of Grand Starex, which received a facelift in 2018. The vehicle has a muscular front facia with all the curves. The premium class interior is a class apart. The company has made all the efforts to make this car more up to date with all the modern features and sleek design. 
The vehicle comes equipped with different engine options such as 2.4 L petrol engine, 2.5 L diesel engine. It is expected that the vehicle will house the petrol engine. Moreover, it also comes in different transmission options manual and auto, however, the one being launched in Pakistan will reportedly has 6-speed manual.
Moreover, the dimensions of the vehicles are:
Length: 5,125 mm
Width: 1,920 mm
Height: 1,935 mm and the wheelbase is 3,200 mm.
Internationally, the Grand Starex is shipped in different countries around the globe such as Australia, South Korea, UK, Malaysia, etc.

Hyundai has launched three variants of Grand Starex in Pakistan: GL, GLS and GLX. The price ranges from Rs. 4,549,000 To 5,899,000.

پاکستان میں ہیونڈائی Grand Starex کی قیمت

ہیونڈائی Grand Starex GL

2400سی سی, مینوئل, پیٹرول
4,549,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ہیونڈائی Grand Starex GLS

2400سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول
5,099,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

ہیونڈائی Grand Starex GLX

2400سی سی, آٹومیٹک, پیٹرول
5,899,000 روپے
حتمی قیمت معلوم کریں

زیادہ پوچھے جانے والے سوالات

ہیونڈائی Grand Starex 2021 کی قیمت 45.5 - 59.0 لاکھ روپے ہے۔ مزید معلومات کے لئے چیک کریں۔
ہیونڈائی Grand Starex 2021 کی فیول اوسط 12 - 14 کلو میٹر فی لیٹر ہے۔ ہیونڈائی Grand Starex کی مکمل خصوصیات ۔کی چیک کریں
ہیونڈائی Grand Starexا کی ٹاپ رفتار 182 ۔کلومیٹر فی گھنٹہ ہے

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