JAC Trucks in Pakistan

JAC Trucks Prices in Pakistan:

The prices of a JAC Truck in Pakistan start from for a new to  for a new . There are currently new Truck models available at JAC dealerships across Pakistan.

JAC Trucks are also widely available in used conditions starting from PKR 1,410,000 for a used JAC T6 to PKR 2,975,000 for a used JAC X200. There are a total of 3 JAC Trucks available for sale in Pakistan on PakWheels.

About JAC 

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter called JAC) was founded in 1964.JAC is a comprehensive auto maker with full line independent brand vehicles in China. JAC has exported its cars to the region of South America, Europe, Africa and some countries of Asia. JAC has more than 100 overseas 4S shops and 19 KD factories. In the international market, JAC has formed its competitive edges in both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, which has effectively enhanced the brand images of both JAC and Chinese automobile products.

دیگر JAC کاریں

JAC کار کے اکثر پوچھے گئے سوالات

پاکستان میں JAC کی مشہور کاریں ہیں: JAC X200, JAC T6
JAC کار کے پرزے پاک وہیلز آٹو اسٹور پر دستیاب ہیں۔

JAC کار تبصرے

4.0 (2 تجزیے)

JAC کار کی اورآل ریٹنگ 4.0/5 ہے جس کی بنیاد

  • سٹائل 4-rating
  • کمفرٹ 4-rating
  • فیول کی بچت 4-rating
  • کارکردگی 4-rating
  • Value for Money 4-rating


About Coure!

ڈائی ہاٹسو کورے
SAVAK Jun 05, 2009

Coure is a nice small car with comfortable interior and shining exterior as compared to Mehran. However some poeple compare it with Suzuki alto . Perhaps its not a bad comparison. Price wise both ...


i love couRE

ڈائی ہاٹسو کورے
Abdul Ahad Oct 10, 2009

it is simply beutiful car
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