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Lamborghini is unrivalled worldwide as a manufacturer of visionary, cutting edge and pure super sports cars. Lamborghini cars are incomparable through their blend of fascinating design, supreme driving dynamics, technological capability, Sophisticated workmanship and the highest level of quality. Lamborghini is headquartered in SantAgata Bolognese, Italy. Lamborghini drew its name from stud fighting bulls. Lamborghini is bringing the innovation and extravaganza to the motor world for more than 50 years. However, the debate between Ferrari and Lamborghini is never-ending. Innovation is in immense pace in the hypercars and Lamborghini is a major contributor to the innovation. Lamborghini has made its mark in the whole world and Pakistan is nowhere behind the craze for Lamborghini. Lamborghini price in Pakistan range between 25 million to 100 million.

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Lamborghini Cars are also widely available in used conditions starting from for a used to for a used . There are a total of  Lamborghini Cars available for sale in Pakistan on PakWheels.


The world may have never had the famous Lamborghini cars if Enzo Ferrari not answered Ferruccio Lamborghini’s complaint with “the problem is not with the car but with the driver!” and went on to advise him to look after his tractors instead. Ferruccio Lamborghini established the company in 1963 to compete with offerings from Ferrari. Lamborghini first produced the 350GT and the company gained wide acclaim in 1966 for Miura Sports Coupe which established rear mid-engine with the rear wheel drive. Lamborghini enjoyed massive sales in its first decade, but sales descend in 1973 due to the oil crisis. Lamborghini’s ownership changed three times after 1973, American Chrysler took control of Lamborghini in 1987, and it was again sold in 1994 to Malaysian Investment Group. Later, it was sold to Volkswagen Group where it was put in the group’s Audi division. 


The popular Lamborghini cars in Pakistan are Lamborghini AventadorLamborghini HuracanLamborghini GallardoLamborghini MurcielagoLamborghini DiabloLamborghini Miura and Lamborghini Espada and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. However, several Lamborghini Gallardo, Aventador and Huracan are imported in Pakistan. Auto Enthusiast in Pakistan are also importing other models of Lamborghini in Pakistan.


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  • لامبورگینی ایونتادور

    لامبورگینی ایونتادور

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  • لامبورگینی کونتاچ

    لامبورگینی کونتاچ

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  • لامبورگینی ڈیابلو

    لامبورگینی ڈیابلو

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  • لامبورگینی گیلارڈو

    لامبورگینی گیلارڈو

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  • لامبورگینی حراکن

    لامبورگینی حراکن

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  • لامبورگینی میورا

    لامبورگینی میورا

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    Lamborghini Huracan Spyder | Episode 3 | Wheels of Pakistan | PakWheels

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Exterior is very beautiful and stylish Interior is comfortable and gives you a feel that you are in are true sports car Fuel consumption City 24.7 L/100km Highway 10.7 L/100km Combined 18.4 L/100km...

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