ہونڈا CB 150F 2021

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Engine 4 Stroke SOHC Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer
Displacement 149.2 cm3
Bore & Stroke 57.3 x 57.8 mm
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Transmission 5 Speed Constant Mesh
Starter Self-Start/Kick Start
Final Drive Roller Chain
Dimension(LxWxH) 2051 x 760 x 1085 mm
Seat Height 766 mm
Ground Clearance 168 mm
Petrol Capacity 13.0 Liters (Reserve: 1.4 Liters)
Wheel Base 1311 mm
Tire at Front 80/100 – 18M/C (47P)
Tire at Back 90/90 – 18M/C (51P)
Suspension at Front 107 mm Telescopic Fork
Suspension at Back 91 mm Swing Arm
Dry Weight 124kg

Headlights with LED Fog Lights and Dipper
4 Stroke 150cc SOHC Engine with Balancer
Sporty Fuel Tank with Stylish Graphics
5 Gear Transmission
Self-Start System
Magnet Key with Shutter Lock System
Impressive LED Supported Tail Light
Stylish Fuel Gauge, Gear Indicator & Trip Meter
Powerful Front Disk Brake
Z Section Die-Casted Alloy Rims
Low-Maintenance Viscous Air Filter
Stylish & Aerodynamic Muffler Exhaust
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