تلاش کریں یہ اشتہار اب دستیاب نہیں ہے۔ مزید اشتہارات دیکھنے کے لیے سوزوکی GS 150 SE in اسلام آباد

ملتے جلتے اشتہارات

سوزوکی GS 150 SE 2018

بارہ کہو, اسلام آباد اسلام آباد

تصویریں بڑی کرنے کے لیے کلک کریں
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16,000 کلومیٹر


موٹرسائیکل فیچرز

  • ایل ای ڈی لائٹس
  • ڈِسک بریک

فروخت کرنے والے کے تبصرے

First thing, sorry for those who think below 140

Suzuki GS 150 special edition

2018 model

Excellent condition

Black color

Never been in any accident

Own my own name

Rawalpindi no

Smart card applied

Life time token paid

Modified for long and comfortable tours

Special comfortable seat installed

Chopper special and expensive silver mirrors installed.

Special 8000rs heavy bike silencer installed

Extra high battery installed which is bigger than normal one. With 2 heavy toyota Gli horns and high beam fog lights also installed.

Very good condition of Alloy rims

Disc break is in genius pristine condition

Back tyre is in new condition

Front tyre is also in very good condition but not new

Very powerful and strong engine and very good fuel average

Timely oil changed and filtered

Very well looked after

I have it for last 1 year.

Not driven more than 4000km in 1 year.

Bikes mileage is 16000 k.

It was 13000 when I bought it a year ago.

I don't know it is real or changed.

Every thing is 100%.

Just like new.

Just b
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الرٹ بنائیں

اسلام آباد میں سوزوکی GS 150 SE کی دستیابی سے متعلق الرٹ بنائیں۔ ہم آپ کو بذریعہ ای-میل متعلقہ اشتہارات ارسال کردیں گے۔