سوزوکی GS500E 1991

والٹن ریلوے آفیسرز کالونی, لاہور پنجاب

تصویریں بڑی کرنے کے لیے کلک کریں


72,000 کلومیٹر


موٹرسائیکل فیچرز

  • ڈِسک بریک

فروخت کرنے والے کے تبصرے

Suzuki GS450E for sale (army auction bike)
Custom paid - Documents all clear
Dual cylinder - 450 cc engine
6 gear transmission
Top speed 185-200 - Avg 20 - 25
Air-cooled inline-2
4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves
Fuel tank capacity: 16 liter
Front Single disc brake - Rear Drum brake
Power full engine - touring racing sports bike
Original parts installed except rear led indicators
HID H4 with High/Low Motorized Tube 55W
Original pictures attached
Perfect learner or basic bike for beginners to drive a heavy bike easy handling
Only serious buyers should contact
Price is negotiable but reasonable offer will be entertained
Buy n drive condition 10 on 10 no work required
Urgent Cash required
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