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AutoGlym Hi Tech Interior Microfiber Details:

The interior of your car can rapidly look grimy. Dust builds up on the dashboard and instruments, and a film builds up on the inside of the glass. You may not always have the time to give the car a thorough interior shampoo.

Put a Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre in the glove box and keeping the interior dust, grime and film free becomes easy. The cloth is designed to be used dry, avoiding the need to carry products or wet wipes which you need to dispose of.

Its amazing absorbency means one sweep with the Hi-Tech Interior Microbfibre will immediately lift away dust. Similarly a rub on the inside of the windscreen will remove any unsightly film without the need for additional chemicals or sprayers. Regular use of the Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre will keep your car looking spotless inside.

The cloth can be washed, dried and re-used over and over again with no loss of performance.

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AutoGlym Hi Tech Interior Microfiber

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