مٹسوبشی پجیرو GR 3.2D کی تفصیلات اور خصوصیات

  • گیئر منتخب کریں آٹومیٹک
  • انجن کی قسم ڈیزل
  • انجن 3200 سی سی
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مزید جانیں


مجموعی وزن 2310 کلوگرام
مائلیج -
دروازوں کی تعداد 5 دروازے
مجموعی اونچائی 1870 ملی میٹر
مجموعی لمبائی 4900 ملی میٹر
مجموعی چوڑائی 1875 ملی میٹر
افراد کی گنجائش 7 افراد کی گنجائش


ایئر کنڈیشنر AC
CD پلیئر
ڈی فروسٹر (پیچھے)
ریموٹ بُوٹ / فیول لِڈ
ٹیکو میٹر
کپ ہولڈرز
FM/AM ریڈیو

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  • Pajero

    90-98 pajero's 5th gear touches the red zone rpm when ever it reaches 120km/h, better watch this baby as it leads to a major engine defect! A styish jeep,comfort, ...

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  • Lets design a SUV ourself

    @tareen Gr8! Excellent fuel economy(Y) While Pajero mini (only 660cc) hardly cover 10kms in one liter:( 1HD is 3.2...

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  • World Premier Next Generation Pajero

    — 2007 Dakar Rally Pajero Evolution also unveiled — Tokyo, September 8, 2006 — Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is to give the new global standard SUV Pajero* (European market s...

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  • New Mitsubishi Pajero World Debut at Paris

    Debuting at the Paris Motor Show, this Pajero is the fourth in the series. The latest Pajero offers reliability forged in the crucible of grueling competition and use under the harshest con...

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مٹسوبشی پجیرو تبصرے

drive better than lc 100 serires as i have both of them in style ut has no comparision with prado 2005 and this gdi engine provide 8km/l average with the optimal power.The only fault in this car is...

Its five door pajero having white and gray color. Its 7seater. Have digital climate control ac, sunroof, leather seats and aluminum side panels. It looks and feels like new. It has 2.8 intercooler ...