Battery Features

100% Maintenance Free

With Daewoo battery for Automotive, there is no hassle of checking and filling electrolyte throughout its lifetime as it is sealed, giving our customers the supreme convenience. Even though this battery is sealed, it is not a dry battery.


Daewoo battery for Automotive is already charged and filled with good quality electrolyte (which is important as it impacts the battery life) by the manufacturer, making it ready-to-use as soon it is plugged in the car.

Cold Crank Amperage

Daewoo battery for Automotive comes equipped with the highest CCA to perfectly withstand cold and hot weather, rendering it weather-proof. This is an important feature for customers who have trouble starting their engines in the extremely cold winter mornings and making their lives easy.

1 Year Free Replacement Warranty

Daewoo battery for Automotive comes with an exclusive offer of a 1 Year Free Replacement Warranty, maximizing our end users’ convenience and satisfaction. This unique offer gives our customers the assurance that only the best battery is being offered to them.

Korean Technology

Daewoo batteries for Automotive guarantee an outstanding level of performance because they are manufactured at the most advanced state-of-the-art Korean production facility spanning over 40 acres in Faisalabad, under the supervision of Korean experts.